Saturday, January 26, 2019

Basic vTiger5 Issabel integration

This should help to get basic integration working with vTiger5 and Issabel (formerly Elastix)

Install vTiger5 through the Issabel Addon module

Log into Vtiger with the same admin username and password you have setup for your GUI Issabel login.

Go to TOOLS -> PBX Manager

Click on the little "hammer" icon to edit the settings

Since vTiger is installed on the same machine, you can use the above IP of  (local host so you dont have to modify any IP permission)

Asterisk Server IP 5038
Username Admin
Password YourGuiPassword
Asterisk Version 1.8

If you aren't sure of the password, look at /etc/asterisk/manager.conf  and under "admin" use that secret.


Scroll down to (6?) "Asterisk Configuration"
Put in a valid extension in your asterisk box
Set "Receive Incoming Calls" to YES
Save your changes.

Now make a call to the extension you entered.  You should see a pop up show in CRM

The above example call made to extension 1000 from extension 1002

Troubleshooting steps
1> look at asterisk log  /var/log/asterisk/full  or  watch the live log " asterisk -cvvvvvr "
.  When you press APPLY on the pbx settings you should see some log messages that might help you determine the problem.

2> If you go to the URL below  (your browser will appear like its trying to get to a web page) and then you make a test call, you should see this window show lots of interaction messages.  This may help you with your troubleshooting.


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