Sunday, March 11, 2018

Speedup loading of windows download folder

Why does the downloads folder take so long to load in Windows
Windows, by default, sets this folder to create thumbnails of the items in it when you go to it.

You can speed it up by doing this.

Right click on the DOWNLOADS folder from the explorer and select PROPERTIES

Select the CUSTOMIZED tab

Select "GENERAL ITEMS" from the drop down box under "Optimized folders for".

Save/Apply changes.  Problem should be solved.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Playstation BUZZ usb controllers on PC

This is how I got the BUZZ USB controllers to work on a PC.  Tested on Windows 10

Essentially I am using a USB to keyboard program to translate the buttons being pressed on the individual controllers to simulate pressing keys on the computer keyboard.

I use them for the "You Don't Know Jack" game, but, for example, you could plug in a Rockband or Guitar Hero drum set into your computer, and using a key-to-drum program simulate the drums being played.

What I did:

The program I'm using to do the translation is called

I've used several different ones, so there are a few to pick from.  This one worked pretty good first try so I stuck with it.

This program will scan the USB port of your controller, and then allow you to individually assign the buttons to key inputs.

Then I plugged in my controllers.  Windows 10 recognized them right away as BUZZ controllers.

I ran the program, and by pressing each button on the controllers, the corresponding button would show up in the JoyToKey program

I mapped 3 of the 4 controllers (max 3 supported in Jack Box game), each of the "buzz in buttons" to their corresponding buzz in key (Q, B and P) and then each of the color buttons 1-4 in descending.

I launched JackBox games and worked perfectly.

I output the computer HDMI signal to my TV and everyone can play from comfortable chairs without having to huddle around the computer.