Monday, June 17, 2019

Hyundai Tuscon 2.7 2007 Alternator replacement

Here's some steps to removal/replacement of an alternator from a Hyundai Tuscon 2.7 V6 2007 2wd

This alternator is a challenging one to get out.

The alternator is located on the bottom left passenger side of the engine.  I've seen videos pictures of these being removed without disconnecting any drive line components, but in my case, there was NO WAY that alternator was coming out with out disconnecting the passenger side CV join.  Its not so bad, it might sounds intimidating if you've never done it before, but really its not that hard.

You'll need some basic metric wrenches between 10mm -17mm
Some basic handtools, like screwdriver and pliers.
Pickle Fork (you need to remove the front CV joint)
Proper jack and jack stands.  NEVER get under a car without a proper jack stand supporting the car.
Hammer, and possibly and bigger hammer if the first one doesn't work.

The process is
  1. Disconnect the battery
  2. Remove the top plastic engine cover to give a little more access to the belt
  3. Chock the tires to make sure the car doesn't roll on you.
  4. Loosen the passenger side tire wheel nuts (don't remove them, its just safer to loosen before jacking)
  5. Jack the passenger side of the car up
  6. Use a proper jackstand to support the car.  DO NOT WORK UNDER A VEHCILE SUPPORTED BY A JACK!
  7. Remove the passenger tire
  8. Remove the brake caliper
  9. Remove the brake caliper mount
  10. Remove the brake disk
  11. Disconnect the tire rod end
  12. Remove the two bolts at the bottom of the strut
  13. Remove the plastic cover that is behind the wheel to give room to access the alternator
  14. Remove the belt from the alternator
  15. Remove the 14mm nut from the alternator.  The bolt does not need to be removed.  The mount it is in is notched to let alternator come out with bolt remaining in place.
  16. There is a 12mm bolt at the top of the alternator.
  17. The alternator will slide UP and to the LEFT.  (This will let the alternator move and gives you some more room to get at the sensor and power cable)
  18. Remove the sensor wire, on the back side of the connector squeeze the tab on the back side of the connector and pull and it will come off
  19. Remove the nut holding the positive power cable to the alternator and remove cable.
  20. Disconnect the CV joint where it connects to the transmission.
  21. Now with that removed there is room to remove the alternator out.

    Now repeat the steps in reverse to put the whole thing back together.  Some additional searches will reveal the proper torque specs.