Saturday, April 13, 2019

The Henhaoro G711HZA5

Henhaoro 7" Android Car Stereo GPS Navigation Lollipop 5.1 Touch Screen Radio No DVD No CD 2 DIN Resolution 1024x600 Head Unit

"Henhaoro" Android car Stereo model # G711HZA5

Henhaoro 7" Android Car Stereo GPS Navigation Lollipop 5.1 Touch Screen Radio No DVD No CD 2 DIN Resolution 1024x600 Head Unit

Appears to run a MediaTek MT8127 Cortex-A7 ARM processor.

Change the BOOTUP screen LOGO
Click on Setting ---> Auto settings ---> Factory settings-> pin: 44320-> LOGO

System is very responsive.
The GUI for Android is kind of small and doesn't seem to let me increase font size.  Apps that are designed for car use (big buttons, larger fonts) are harder to use.

You can connect keyboard/Mouse to the device and use it! Works fine.

I connected a push button that is tucked under the dash board that will drop the power to the stereo when its pressed.  A small handful of times, the android software locked up.  There IS a recessed push button reset that you can press if you have a paper clip, but hard to do when driving.  Pressing the button drops the power to radio and I can do it when I'm driving.

Here are some screen shots.


GPS Navigation View

GPS Data View (diagnostics mode)

GPS Diagnostic View (diagnostics mode)

The GPS came with an external GPS antenna that you can mount inside the windshield (similar to)

AM/FM Radio

A fantastic feature for some users is the ability to monitor your engine parameters in your car.  A big reason I wanted an Android stereo.

This stereo requires the use of an OBD2 WIFI type of adapter (BlueTooth OBD2 type adapters do NOT work with it.

Shown here is the app TORQUE which is connected to the engine showing a variety of live engine data.  Google "Torque App" and you'll see what you can do.

OBD2 WIFI adapter.  Purchased separately

 "HOME" screen in car mode.

Pressing the HOME button takes you into the Android desktop

Installed in a 2DIN dashboard (Ford F250)

 Installed SPOTIFY

Firmware/Software version screens

BlueTooth phone interface

Bluetooth interface

Plays Video

Interface when you connect to a device for Bluetooth music playback

If you have MP3's loaded into memory or on a USB key

 Able to cycle through running applications

You can slide down from the top and then adjust volumes, turn wifi on and off

Google play store

Steering Wheel Control SWC
File Explorer

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Telecom Pager SMS EMAIL


Bell MTS:





Koodo Mobile:

PC Mobile:

Public Mobile:





Virgin Mobile:

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Windows UNIFI controller not starting

One day, out of the blue, the UnIFI controller stopped responding.  I think it had to do with a windows update.  Fought with it, then figured, at least a work around.

The workaround that fixed my issue was to copy/paste the UNFI directoy to a new folder and launch the app from there.  This fixed it for me.

Here's the steps I did.

Make sure that controller processes are stopped.  Since mine you have to manually double click the UNFI controller icon to start it, i just rebooted.

Once the PC came backup, i right clicked on the UNFI icon, selected PROPERTIES, then under "SHORTCUT" tab, i clicked on OPEN FILE LOCATION

Mine took me to
administrator/ubiquiti unifi/lib

I then clicked on ADMINISTRATOR in the file path window

I then right clicked on the Ubiquiti Unifi Folder, selected COPY then PASTE.
I renamed the copy folder to "Uniquiti Unifi2"

Then I went into the short cut and changed the target

Clicked on "OK" then double clicked the UNIFI controller icon and the application started for me.
Not sure WHY, but this worked for me.


Prefix size Network mask Usable hosts per subnet
Class A
Class B
Class C