Thursday, September 27, 2018

Password Recovery Procedure Cisco 2960-C

Password Recovery Cisco 2960-C
  1. Connect to the switch with the console cable
  2. Unplug the AC adapter from the switch.
  3. Press and hold the Mode button
  4. Insert AC adapter to the switch but keep the Mode button pressed
  5. The SYST LED will flash, after about 45 seconds, the SYST LED will either turn off or stay solid.  
  6. Release the Mode button.
  7. The console will show a switch: prompt.
  8. Initialize the flash sequence.
  9. Show the contents of flash.
    dir flash:
  10. Rename config.text to config.old
    rename flash:config.text flash:config.old
  11. Boot the system back up.
  12. Exit the initial configuration dialog. It will prompt [yes/no]: 
  13. Enter enable mode.
  14. Rename the configuration file back to its original name.
    rename flash:config.old flash:config.textEnter to confirm.
  15. Copy the configuration into memory.
    copy flash:config.text system:running-configEnter to confirm.
Factory Restore Defaults
  1. Erase the startup config and reload the switch.
    erase startup-configPress Enter to confirm.
    Do not save the system configuration if it prompts for yes or no. Press Enter to confirm reload.
  2. Delete the vlan configuration.
    delete flash:vlan.datEnter twice to confirm.
    reloadPress Enter to confirm.
  3. Check your the VLAN’s have been reset to default configuration.
    show vlan

Friday, September 21, 2018

Fortinet Expired Certificate 5.4.8

Fortinet Certificate

SSH certificate expired for VPN users.

Here's what was done

(Fortinet 500D 5.4.8 1183)



Fill in your information in the page and click on OK

Select the certificate that you just created, and select download (you'll see it in the STATUS as "pending" with a small clock icon.

Send that cert off to your authority to get authorized (godaddy or whatever)

When the .crt file is available, click on IMPORT
Import the cert

Once the cert is imported (it should now show "OK"_

goto the location you need this cert applied.
In my instance it was SSL VPN, so i went to VPN -> SSLVPN SETTINGS

Then in the drop down box by SERVER CERTIFICATE I selected the name. and then pressed apply.

Grandstream GXW4216 GXW42XX

Some of this might apply to a GXW42XX series, the 16 port version is the one I've used it on.


Upgraded or done something to your unit where a normal reset wouldn't recover it?  I applied a firmware that had a bug and got completely locked out.  The resolution was to go into recovery mode, which has a limited capability to upload another firmware directly to the unit.

The key to this..patience.  Patience
If you are not a patient person, this procedure will just fail for you and you'll waste time doing it over and over until you are finally patient.

Current Firmware can be found (at time of blogging) at this location

Legacy Firmware can be found here

To get into recovery mode if your firmware messes up, this is how you do it.

  • Power it off completely.
  • Directly plug the network cable from the GXW42XX into a computer.
  • Set the IP of the computer to
  • Set the mask to
    Gateway and DNS are not needed

  • Now start a continuous ping to windows CMD prompt, type in ping -t

  • You'll see the ping fail, like the above example, but this is normal.
  • With the power OFF, press and hold down the reset button that is in this hole.
    You will need something like a paperclip or small pin to trigger the reset of the unit.
  • While keeping that button pressed, power on the unit (can be a challenge) 
  • KEEP the button pressed
  • After about 15 seconds, your ping should start responding.

  • Once you get positive replies from the ip of (at least 5 in a row first), you can release the reset button.
  • Open a web browser and go to

  • You will be prompted for a login screen.  use " admin "
  • Now you can select a new firmware to upload

  • Press the upload button.

  • WAIT.
  • Wait for the firmware to upload....

The UPLOADING... text blinked and in the corner (Chrome) the uploading percentage slowly increased.

  • wait, this part normally takes at least a minute.
  • The screen will change after a minute or so, might even go blank.
  • Just wait

  • and indicate the unit is rebooting.
  • WAIT for at least another couple of minutes.
  • The screen should say "please log into the device as normal"

Now plug the unit into your network as normal and you should be able to access it.  Possible you might need to wait 60 seconds or more to get an IP address. 

Possibly will need to reboot it again

Monday, September 10, 2018

Block and Unblock users UNIFI 5.6

In Unifi controller you can block users but selecting the machine and then selecting the machine you want to block off your network, then selecting the BLOCK icon in the properties window

To unblock it is less intuitive for some reason.

Select the insights icon on the screen (looks like an old school lightbulb icon)
Then select KNOWN clients from the first drop down box
Then select the time frame, my example is the last 24 hours
Then select the BLOCKED button on the right corer

You'll see a list of blocked devices, to the right will be an "UNBLOCK" link.
Click on each device you want to unblock.

The device should now be removed from the list