Thursday, July 23, 2020

OpenShot - Adding a title

You can add a title to OpenShot 

Using the Title Templates

Select "TITLE" at the top, pick a title template that you like. (or press CTRL+T )

Select a Title template that you want form the preset ones

Now you can edit the parameters.  For this document, we are going to focus on "FILENAME" and "LINE 1:"

Give it a FileName (this is stored in the OpenShot project file for future use should you save it)

Adjust the line number, in this case you can adjust "line 1" with the element you want.

Click on SAVE

Your title will now appear in the "Project Files" window

Click and drag that title to your timeline

Your video preview will show the title

By layering elements below the title, the title will overlay on those video elements


Open Shot - Speeding up editing playback

Speeding up OpenShot editing playback 

This is a common problem.  Playback video is stuttering, jerky, slow.
This is really due to the amount of processing the machine needs to do with video, especially if you are layering components like titles and effects.  Its not so much that your machine is slow, these codecs are just not perfect.

If you are suffering from this problem, the most effective way to reduce the 'editing' video quality level.  This won't affect the end product, it will just alter the way your video is rendered while you edit it.

Selecting the "Profile" button will bring up the profile list

Simply select a lower bit rate item in the PROFILE list.

This value is set to a very low setting, which, in many cases, will speed up the processing of videos.  Find one that works best for you.

When completed and ready to export the final product, change the profile back to its original setting.